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When will the Cadillac SRX next be Redesigned?

A redesigned Cadillac SRX is anticipated to arrive in either late 2014 or early 2015 as a 2015 model. Expect the vehicle’s basic size and shape to remain the same, but with perhaps more aggressive styling on the outside and an even plusher interior with added convenience features. Rumors suggest it could switch to the rear-drive platform that underpins the CTS to better position it against the BMW X5, though that would seem to be long shot, given the present front-drive-based model’s popularity. By then the SRX is expected to share showroom space with both a smaller and sportier crossover based on the ATS sedan, and a larger model with three rows of seats that would share its architecture with the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, and GMC Acadia.

A next-generation SRX will likely be engineered with added fuel economy as a target via extensive use of lower-weight materials and improved aerodynamics. The upcoming version will probably continue to come with a V-6, but perhaps it will be augmented with an automatic stop-start function that shuts it down while at idle and/or an active cylinder management system that deactivates select cylinders while at cruising speeds to save fuel. Some reports suggest a high-mileage plug-in model with new hybrid technology could be added to the line as the fuel economy leader.

On the other end of the performance spectrum, a sporty STS-V model is a possible addition to the line. This would probably come standard with all-wheel-drive and ride on a sport-tuned suspension, likely augmented with Cadillac’s real-time damping Magnetic Ride Control system for enhanced cornering abilities while still maintaining an acceptably smooth ride. It would certainly come from more power under the hood, though a small-block V-8 is not likely to fit under the vehicle’s hood. We’d expect a turbocharged or supercharged V-6 instead, generating in the neighborhood of 380 horsepower.

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